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Lula & Flora’s Homestyle Kitchen Rental & Bakery features 6 fully licensed commercial kitchens designed with your goals in mind.  Our aim is to take the major expense and financial worry off the shoulders of bakers and caterers, as well as entrepreneurs and future restaurateurs. Whether you are an established food business, food truck, or a new start up, we are here to provide fully licensed and fully equipped kitchen space with everything you need to prepare and sell your food products, or to practice and develop recipes while building your business.

The secret ingredient is you.

Commercial Kitchen Rentals

What’s your vision? A pastry kiosk at the Farmer’s Market? A new bistro? A fleet of food trucks? Dancing penguins serving wings? Dream big because the commercial kitchen rentals at Lula & Flora’s are truly a culinary fantasy land where dreams come true.

We’ve already gone through the hard part of making our kitchens compliant with the city and state’s regulatory agencies, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is book your kitchen and get cooking!

Ghost Kitchens

We help individual chefs, bakers, and caterers sell to restaurants and other businesses, eliminating the need to operate under cottage laws that limit the ability to sell to the public.

Our Kitchens

We named our kitchen workspaces after
the great women of Wichita Falls.

Our Kitchens were created to honor the story of Lula Kell and Flora Kemp, the spouses of the founding fathers of the City of Wichita Falls. We take our “Chef” hats off to them!

Lula’s Kitchen

named for Lula Kell
March 16, 1867 – September 16, 1957
Lula’s favorite cooking recipe was homemade bread.

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Sadie’s Kitchen

named for Sadie Kell
September 26, 1886 – May 24, 1960
Sadie’s favorite cooking recipe was fudge brownies.

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Mary Joe’s Kitchen

named for Mary Joe Kell
September 28, 1906 – October 12, 1981
Mary Joe’s favorite cooking recipe was chocolate cookies.

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Flora’s Kitchen

January 14, 1861 – October 10, 1957
Flora especially enjoyed baking jelly rolls.

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Let‘s Get Cooking

We know that the food industry has unique challenges; we get it, we’ve been there. Lula & Flora’s goal is to provide you with a cost-effective stepping stone to opening up a restaurant or venue, without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars up-front. We just need to take a few steps (we promise to make it as easy as possible):

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